About Gabriel

Gabe is an American living in Seoul, South Korea with his Wife, Aram Lee-Miller. He makes indie games, freelance art, and takes Korean classes.

For RageQuit's "Strike Vector" Gabe made various props and vehicle models as a remote artist.

Gabe recently completed work on Pixellore's game "Remilore." As a prop and weapon artist he made over 200 weapons and various level props for the whimsical hack and slash adventure.


Games Published

2018 "Remilore"

Pixellore. Pangyo, South Korea.

Weapons and prop artist

  • Built more than 200 melee weapons.
  • Did research to create historical weapons that fit the game's fun style.
  • Designed fun fantasy weapons.
  • Created large props for rooms that help tell the story of the gameworld.
  • Performed optimizations on art assets to maximize performance on nintendo switch.
  • Check out "Remilore"

2016 "Strike Vector Ex"

RageQuit Games. Paris, France

remote prop artist

  • Built highpoly vehicle models.
  • Built lowpoly environment models.
  • baked maps for assets.
  • created textures.
  • Check out "Strike Vector"

2016 "Subterrain"

Pixelore. Seoul, Korea

Localization, Writing.

  • Created original characters and incorporated existing characters.
  • Wrote stories for missions set in the game world.
  • corrected English and grammar problems.
  • Performed voice acting for Steam presentation video.
  • Check out "Subterrain"

2013 "Mind Your Own Budget"

K20 Center. Norman, Oklahoma

media specialist

  • Built highpoly furniture models.
  • Built lowpoly environment models.
  • baked maps for assets.
  • created textures.
  • optimized assets from remote artists for consistancy and performance.
  • Check out "Mind Your Own Budget"


University of Oklahoma

Bachelers of Fine Arts 2007

Emphasis on painting and ceramics

  • Learned fundamentals of painting, sculpting, and film making.
  • Completed "Study in Kyoto" Program at Ritsumeikan Daigaku in Kyoto, Japan.
  • Worked at an internship at K20 Center making art for educational games.
  • Studied Japanese for two years.
  • Co-founded Game Developers' Association at OU with James Wynn.